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Juicy Vitamins Want to SEE your Vitamin C? Learn a quick and simple way of counting your vitamins using the materials you already have!
Barnard College Biology Students
Chemistry, Health & Medicine, Food or Food Systems

Eat Real Are you ready to Eat Real? Come learn about what you can eat to feel great today, stay healthy tomorrow, while also taking care of the planet.
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Conservation and Sustainability , Environmental Science , Health& Medicine, Food or Food Systems

PS 30 Raphael Hernandez/Langston Hughes School
Students will investigate the following:  Nutrition Facts of different types of soda and the effects of soda in children’s health. Why does soda behave differently in water? Different levels of pollution in the school building and the effects on children’s health. Ways to reduce the amount of pollution that enter the room.
Environmental Science, Chemistry, Food or Food Systems 

PS 194 Countee Cullen School
“Eat This but Don’t Eat That” – Students will conduct the “FAT” test on several kinds of foods to determine which foods contain the most fat. “Do You Know What Your Eating?” Students investigate the ingredients listed on food & beverage labels to find out “what’s really in the foods we eat!” “Moldy foods”, Which foods will mold the fastest? Students will observe many different kinds of foods to find out which foods mold quickly.

What’s in your drink?
Figure out how much sugar is in each drink and be able to list the effects of too much sugar and alternative names for sugar.
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PS 46 – Arthur Tappan School
Yuck, What Happened to My Apple? Sometimes food can even look perfectly good
to eat, but can harbor pathogenic bacteria that are hard to detect.
Are you really picky about food?  To supertasters, the flavors of foods are much stronger than to average tasters – find out if you are a supertaster!
Do people of all ages love sour, or is there a difference between the sour preferences of kids and adults?
How Many Seeds Do Different Types of Fruit Produce? You might not like to find seeds in your fruit, but fruit is nature’s way of dispersing seeds to make new plants.
Did you know that potatoes have eyes? Not eyes for seeing, but for making new potato sprouts. Why don’t the eyes of potatoes in the store have sprouts growing out of them?
Can such a little bean really hold that much water? Dried beans can be stored for years and then “brought back to life” by soaking them in water.
Food or Food Systems, Biology